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Caffeine Bullet is a caffeine chew formulated for athletic performance. Each Mint Caffeine Chew contains 100mg caffeine (a strong cup of coffee) and kicks faster than energy gels and caffeine candy. 

Caffeine has been proven to:

  • Reduce the perception of pain and fatigue so you can train and race harder for longer
  • Release fat into your bloodstream saving your muscle glycogen and increasing your endurance
  • Increase mental alertness and reduce mental fatigue

Because Caffeine Bullets are chewed the caffeine enters your bloodstream in your mouth in as little as 5 minutes, peaking in your bloodstream up to 15 minutes faster than energy drinks and caffeine gels.

When To Use

Studies have shown that the optimal caffeine does is 3-6mg caffeine per kg of weight - that's a lot! So before you race make sure you trial Caffeine Bullet to test your tolerance to caffeine. Always follow the guidelines on the packet and do not use in conjunction with other caffeine products or exceed 400mg caffeine in one day. It's a powerful drug, so use it sensibly!

During A Race

Caffeine peaks in the blood at between 45 minutes to an hour and each dose offers diminishing returns, so the ideal time to take caffeine bullets in races varies.

Race Duration Pre-Race During
0-45 minutes 1-2 bullets 30 minutes before you race 1 if require, but you should be fine
45-90 minutes 1-2 bullets 30 minutes before 1-2 as you start to fatigue
90 minutes + None - save it until you tire Distribute your 3-4 bullets across your rae at points at which you will start to fatigue
e.g. a marathon None - save it until you tire 1-2 bullet at mile 16-18 as you start to tire, 1-2 bullets at 20-22 miles to ensure a strong finish.
In Training

For your more intense training sessions, you can utilise Caffeine Bullets in the same way you would for a short race. They are also great to have as a backup, should you start to tire during your longer sessions. For maximum impact cut down on your caffeine intake for at least four days prior to a big race, to allow caffeine to completely leave your system.


Each packet contains 4 chews enabling you to take your optimal caffeine dose, no matter the distance and without having to tie your caffeine consumption to sickly energy gels or filling yourself full of bull! Ideal for all endurance sports including running, cycling and triathlon and can be used as a convenient alternative to calorific energy drinks and costly coffees. 

So whether you're trying to smash your training, a race or even a tight deadline, Caffeine Bullet increases your endurance and mental alertness to ensure a Personal Best in every pack!