Become a Retailer

Interested in listing or purchasing top-quality outdoor gear brands? AFT Gear Garage is your go-to destination for premium outdoor products. We are thrilled to offer retail opportunities for the following brands:

1. AONIJIE: AONIJIE is a leading brand known for its innovative and high-performance running gear. From hydration vests to running accessories, AONIJIE products are designed to enhance your outdoor adventures.

2. NATUREHIKE: NATUREHIKE is synonymous with quality and reliability in the outdoor industry. Specializing in camping and hiking equipment, NATUREHIKE offers a wide range of products, including tents, backpacks, and sleeping bags.

3. ZEALWOOD: ZEALWOOD is committed to providing comfortable and durable outdoor socks for adventurers of all kinds. With a focus on quality materials and craftsmanship, ZEALWOOD socks are designed to keep you comfortable during your outdoor pursuits.

4. CAMPOUT: CAMPOUT is a trusted Turkish brand known for its extensive range of camping products. From tents to cooking gear, CAMPOUT offers everything you need for a memorable outdoor experience.

5. KAILAS: KAILAS is a leading manufacturer of climbing and mountaineering equipment. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance, KAILAS products are trusted by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

For inquiries regarding retail opportunities for these brands, please contact us at sales@aftgeargarage.com or via WhatsApp at +971566859173