Desert Running Workshop 16/03/2024


Living in UAE, we're fortunate to have vast expanses of desert at our disposal for training and racing. Running in desert has amazing benefits:

Improved Running Form: Running on sand challenges the body to adapt to an unstable surface, leading to improvements in running mechanics and form.

Reduced Impact: The soft sand absorbs shock and reduces impact on joints, potentially lowering the risk of injury compared to running on harder surfaces like pavement or concrete.

Strengthens Stabilizing Muscles: Running on sand requires engagement of stabilizing muscles throughout the body, leading to enhanced strength and stability.

Enhanced Balance and Coordination: Balancing on shifting sand surfaces improves proprioception and coordination, which can translate to better performance in other athletic activities.

Natural Resistance Training: Running on sand provides natural resistance, requiring greater effort and energy expenditure compared to running on firmer surfaces, which can lead to improved cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

Nature Connection: Running in the desert is a serene experience that connects you with nature.


What's in the Workshop:

Our workshop is for beginners and covers everything you need to know about running in desert:

Flat hardpacked Sand Running: Learn how to keep your pace on flat sand.

Soft Sand Technique: Master running on soft, shifting sands.

Dune Climbing and Descending: Conquer those sand dunes, going up and coming down.

Environmental Awareness: Educate about the unique environmental challenges of running in the desert, including extreme temperatures, dehydration, and wildlife encounters.

Safety Protocols: Cover essential safety protocols for desert running, including how to recognize and avoid heat-related illnesses, emergency communication strategies, and basic first aid techniques.

Hydration and Fueling: Find out how to stay hydrated and fueled during desert runs.

Proper Gear and Clothing: recommend the right gear and clothing for desert running, including breathable fabrics, sun protection, hydration packs and sand gaiters.



Who Should Join:

If you have some running experience and can handle a four-hour session, this workshop is for you. It's perfect for: 

Anyone interested in desert running.

People getting ready for desert races or obstacle courses.

Folks looking for a fun challenge to improve their running skills.


Event Details:

Saturday, March 16th

05: 30 Meet and Greet

05: 45 Gear Check and Event Briefing

06: 00 Running Analysis

06: 30 Desert Running Technique and Practice

09: 45 Recovery and summary talk

09: 45 Breakfast at Mleiha Café


What to bring


  1. Quick dry running clothing & trail running shoes
  2. Hydration Vest (minimal 5L capacity)
  3. 3 Liters of water
  4. Fueling (energy gels/liquid fuel) enough for 4 - 5 hours
  5. Basic first aid kit with personal medication
  6. Fully charged mobile phone
  7. Emirates ID card


  1. Sand gaiters
  2. Sun protection (cap, sunglasses, sunscreen)
  3. Water, Electrolytes & recovery drink (for post run)

(Contact Emily on +971566859173 if you need any advice on above gear.)


Event Fee

AED 800 per person



Kindly contact Emily at +971566859173 via WhatsApp. (Please mention "Trail Running Workshop") Only a limited number of spots are open to ensure both safety and a personalized experience.