Trail Running Workshop

Embark on a journey of exploration and endurance with our monthly Trail Running Workshops, meticulously designed to elevate your running experience in diverse terrains. Whether amidst the majestic mountains and vast deserts in UAE, high lands in Oman or snowy peaks in China, each workshop promises a unique adventure.


Workshop Highlights:

- 🌄 Scenic Locations: Immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes, from mountainous trails to desert dunes.

- 🏕️ Camping Adventures: Select workshops offer the thrill of camping under the stars, enhancing the camaraderie of the trail running community.

- 📈 Skill Levels: Tailored from beginners to advanced runners, our workshops cater to diverse skill levels.

- 🌍 International Escapades: Experience the thrill of trail running in high-altitude locations, expanding your horizons in Oman and China.



Lee Harris

Ultra-Trail Running Coach/Running Development Coach/Running Coach

Founder of LK Running Performance – Building better runners with science-based research combined with real-world running coaching

Coach Lee Harris draws on more than three decades of knowledge and experience gained in running and ultra-running, as well as competing at a high level across several other sporting disciplines as an amateur athlete. ⁠ He is a lifelong explorer, a pioneer in the art and science of running and has played a key role in mapping many of the region's trail routes that are so popular amongst runners today.

Emily Hao

Certified Mountain Leader/Ultra-Trail Runner/Outdoor Gear Advisor
Founder of AFT Gear Garage – An outdoor sporting product shop that serves runners, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts in UAE and GCC region.

Emily brings expertise in navigation as well as outdoor safety. She ensures participants have access to quality running equipment for a secure and enjoyable experience.


Check our schedule for upcoming workshops. Join us as we navigate trails, master skills, and experience adventures! 





Dec 2023

Trail Running Workshop


Jebel Jais, UAE

Jan 2024

Trail Running Workshop


Musili, UAE

Feb 2024

Trail Running Workshop


Musili, UAE

Mar 2024

Desert Running Workshop


Mleiha, UAE

April 2024

Trail Running Workshop


Musili, UAE

May 2024



June 2024

Highland Trail Running Camp Intermediate Jebel Shams,Oman

July 2024

High Altitude Trail Running Camp Advance Sichuan, China

Aug 2024

Trail Running Workshop Beginner Musili, UAE

Sept 2024

Desert Running Workshop Beginner Mleiha, UAE

Oct 2024

Highland Trail Running Camp Advance Oman

Nov 2024

Trail Running Workshop Intermediate Jebel Jais, UAE

Dec 2024

Trail Running Workshop Advance Jebel Jais, UAE


 How to Join? 

Contact Emily on +971566859173 (WhatsApp only, please mention event name.)