Is Merino Wool the Best for Outdoor Sportswear?

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Is Merino Wool the Best for Outdoor Sportswear?

Merino wool is much finer and softer than regular wool. It is grown by Merino sheep that graze the highlands of Australia and New Zealand. The sheep have developed the softest and finest fleece. They can withstand temperatures ranging from -25°C to +35°C . With modern spinning technology and fiber treatments, merino wool makes for outstanding fabrics that outclass materials such as cotton or synthetics on all fronts. Merino wool brings style, comfort and performance together in perfect harmony. 

Thermo Regulating

Merino wool is fashion's natural climate regulating system. The breathing qualities of the fabric hold great advantages when it comes to comfort. Merino wool is perfect for all year round clothing. 


When it's hot, the fibers absorb your body's moisture vapors and evaporate them outside of the fabric - keeping you nice & cool. 

Odor resistant 

Great news for all people dependent on deodorant: merino wool absorbs all odor molecules and only releases them upon washing. No matter how hot it is, you'll feel fresh all day long. Your merino wool T-shirt or shirt will not smell like cotton shirts do. On top of that, you don't need to wash it each time you've worn it. Just hanging it in the open air and enjoy it again the next day. 

Quick drying 

Merino wool is a surprisingly fine fabric, that releases water easily. It's dry long before your other garments are. Just put it in the machine, dry flat or place it on a hanger and wear it again in no time! 

Non allergenic 

Merino wool does miracles for style lovers with sensitive skin. Research shows that wearing merino wool shirts reduces adults & infant eczema symptoms impressively compared to other fabrics. This hypoallergenic fiber treats your skin softly and with great care. 


Synthetic fibers and cotton demand a great amount of processing. Merino wool, however, is made of grass, water and fresh air. The merino sheep that provide the wool graze the hills of New Zealand & Australia freely, delivering a new fleece harvest twice a year. 


The merino fiber will naturally decompose in soil when it is disposed. It will give back its nutrients into the earth. 

With all the above benefits said, merino wool is undoubtedly the best material for outdoor sports, specially in hiking, running, mountain biking, mountaineering. 

Another note: Merino wool fabric comes in different weight per square meter. The heavier the weight, the warmer it is. Going to clime mountains above 4000m for example, you would need a heavier weight merino wool base layer to keep you warm in high altitude & cold wind chill. Look at the chart below to find out which is best suitable for your sports. 


Warmth Factor

120- 150g

Featherweight for sports in warm to hot conditions


Ultralight to wear all year round


Lightweight- still ok to wear all year round but with more warmth


Mid weight- good for sports in the cold months/high altitude


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