Headlamp Recommended For Trail Runners

One of the most important piece of gear in trail running, is a powerful reliable headlamp that can lead you through the darkest night(s) out in the wilderness. 

A few factors to consider while choosing a headlamp: 


Generally a 400-500 lumens cool white beam headlamp is bright enough for non-technical trails in good weather condition.  

A higher max output headlamp can be used for path finding while facing poor visibility.



On technical terrain, or unpredictable weather, a higher lumens &/or warm white penetrating beam headlamp is ideal. The warm white beam gives more vision depth and helps to see better on rocky/snowy terrain, in foggy/rainy weather. 


Beam Distance

For path finding, beam distance also matters, it needs to be at least 80m+ for Turbo mode/max output, or 50m for high lumen mode. So that runners can see upto 50m ahead while running, and 80m or more during path finding. 


Battery life

A headlamp should last 6+ hours, with 1 set of backup battery, should last longer than a night. For ultra events, even longer battery life is needed. 


Nitecore NU43

Nitecore UT27 Pro

Max Lumens

1400 Lumens

520 Lumens

High Lumen

600 Lumens

400 Lumens

Battery Life on High


6hours for each battery

Beam Distance on Turbo

130 meters

77 meters

Beam Distance on High

165 meters

123 meters

Battery Type

Built in 3,400mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery

1 pc of HLB1300 - 1300mAh rechargeable battery (Pro Pack comes with 2 pcs of batteries)or 3 pcs of AAA batteries


116 grams

74 grams


AED 289

AED 265