How to Treat Blisters

Step 1: We recommend merino wool socks and application of Squirrels’ Nut Butter to prevent blisters. 

Step 2: If a hot spot had formed already, cover it with silicon pad to prevent it progress into blisters. 

Step 3: If a blister had formed, clean the blister, needle and thread with alcohol wipes. 

Step 4: Thread the needle, pierce the needle through blister, leave the thread in the blister to drain the liquid. Remove the thread. Let it dry. 

That’s it. Or else, continue with Step 5 if you are in an activity. 

Step 5: Cover the treated blister with silicon pad. Secure it with duct tape if needed before resume the activity. 

Merino wool socks

Squirrels' Nut Butter

Compeed Blister pads are available in supermarket.